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Prepared By and After Recording Return to Send Tax Statements to Grantee Name and Address --------Above This Line Reserved For Official Use Only-------- DEED OF CORRECTION KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT That whereas of the County of State of hereinafter referred to as Grantor whether one or more did on or about the day of execute and deliver to as Grantee a conveyance of the certain lands situated in County State of Colorado and more particularly described in Exhibit A which is attached...
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THEREFORE, the Granter hereby certifies and declares that he has executed and delivered the above above-referenced deed of sale and deed to Grantee, (hereinafter, the “Granter”) on the date set forth as the “date of the execution,” for the purpose described, and the Granter hereby accepts, as he is bound to accept, the conditions contained or any conditions imposed by the Granter; and such terms, if any, contained or imposed by such Granter for the purpose expressed, shall be binding on the Granter and upon the respective assignees thereof. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Granter has hereunto set his hand and caused the foregoing instrument to be made. THE GRANTER: AND B. B.

This deed of correction may be used to correct a mutual mistake in the conveyance of property.

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